April 13, 2015

Our Easter

We had a great Easter this year, even though Stu was at away at work. Mollie was up sick the night before, so we didn't go to church, which felt strange. She felt fine later, so we still had lunch with my parents as planned. Before we headed over to Grammy and Pappy, we stopped at our town's old town hall to get some pictures.

We kept it simple this year for Easter baskets: new shoes & headbands to match their outfits (Mollie's adorable headband was from Gap), a small toy, coloring pads for the girls, Peter Rabbit books for Lincoln, and Pez dispensers for all of them :D

I made Delia's headband using this tutorial.

 It was fun to put together a "boy" Easter basket for the first time! We're collecting these little wooden vehicles for Lincoln.


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  1. They're Easter outfits are absolutely darling! Good job Momma :)