May 26, 2009


Most of you probably know that a three weeks ago I had my first child, Mollie. What you probably DON'T know is that she is not my first "Mollie Doll". My favorite doll that I had growing up was my American Girl doll named Molly. She was a huge part of my childhood. I never thought that I'd have another "Mollie Doll" :) ! I had never really thought much of the name Mollie until I found out that Stu and I were having a girl, and we started thinking about girl names (for the first half of my pregnancy all we had thought about were boy names!). After we thought of Mollie, I just couldn't find any other girl names that I really liked and so that is what she became, Mollie Grace Weaver.

I'm really excited to start this blog! Both for myself, so that I have a place to document pictures of Mollie and our family, and to write about the little things that are happening with us during this special time. But also so that those of you who aren't closeby can share it with us! I hope you enjoy it and hopefully I'll have the time to write often!


  1. Caitlin,
    I am so excited that you are starting a blog!! I will always be reading it. I always wanted an American girl doll, they were to expansive for my family. I hope that someday I can give one to each of my daughters, they are such special gifts.

  2. That's funny about Molly. Even though I had the Samantha doll, I always thought the Molly stories were the best. I'm glad you have entered the blogging world!

  3. I'm so glad you have a blog! I remember your "first" Molly doll! I had the Kirsten doll, but I agree with Amanda...the Molly books were the best! I can't wait to see more pictures of your real Mollie Doll!