May 28, 2009

A Nice Walk

After I fed Mollie this morning she was nice and awake so I decided to take her for a walk. It's overcast and a little drizzly today so we got her all bundled up. Here she is before we left..

She doesn't look too sure that she's gonna like it! But pretty soon she fell asleep which is what I was hoping for. She's had a hard time staying asleep during the day for the past few days. She looked so peaceful and I planned on taking an "after the walk" picture to go with the "before the walk" picture but after about 15 minutes she woke up and wasn't happy. I took her carseat out of the stroller and swung it, which always calms her down. It worked until I put her back into the stroller. She loves being thrown around, swung really high, and all the other crazy things Stu does with her, so I had a feeling that maybe she'd enjoy the ride if it was a little more exciting so I started zig-zagging the stroller and she was fine! Oh well, I can live with that :)


  1. Caitlin,
    I am sooo happy to see your blog. I just can't tell you how happy I am about your precious little Mollie! What a beautiful baby! Now I can keep up with her thru pictures you post. Your blog is very appropriately named.

  2. That's too funny! I think you should have taken a cranky after-picture anyway. You need crying pictures too!