May 31, 2009

Wide Awake!

For the first few weeks, Mollie slept so much that it was hard to get many pictures of her awake.
But not anymore..

This one is right before Stu left for his camping trip..

But as you can see she still gets tired at the end of a long day...


  1. shuch big beautiful eyes!! I love them!

  2. Mollie darling,
    Tell Daddy and Mommy to bring you over to your Ganny's house so that she can hold you and kiss you. You are not too tiny to bring to her. She aches for you beautiful little girl. Have a happy day precious. Love, Your Grandmother

  3. About the last picture - that's a pretty drowsy look. Put that baby to bed mama!

  4. I LOVE her eyes!!! She is so so pretty, Cait!