November 7, 2009

Middle Ages Hat

Here is a hat that I made Mollie this afternoon from a pattern in "Simple Sewing for Baby". It was so easy! We went to JoAnn's this morning and Stu picked out the fabric. He thinks it looks like a hat from the Middle Ages and...

I guess it kindof does...

But it still looks super cute on Mollie!

This is something else I did for Mollie a few days ago from this tutorial. It's not perfect but I learned a few things to do differently next time. I'd like to try this on a bag or a dress for Mollie. Speaking of dresses, I'm making one right now and I'll probably post it in the next few days.


  1. Jazmin thinks that all of the things you are making are really cool! Maybe you can teach her some stuff when we have a kid! TTYL - Ben and JAz

  2. My goodness are getting awesome on the sewing machine. I know that when ever I sew I really enjoy it. I am getting the urge just looking at your posts. Mollie is getting bigger! She looks adorable in the new hat. The fabric is a winner. (Tell Stu)