November 10, 2009

Scarf and Hat

I have been sewing on my mom's sewing machine, but the other night Stu got out our machine and set it up. He's been wanting to start sewing too so he made a bigger version of the hat I made the other day. He just used the scrap fabric from the things I've been making but it turned out really well. The outside of the hat is corduroy, and the inside is the really soft furry fabric that I used for Mollie's blanket. It is the perfect lining for the hat because it's so soft and warm. I was inspired by this post to make a flannel plaid scarf and came up with this.


  1. So cute! You guys are doing so good with your sewing!

  2. OMG! Your scarf is so much prettier than mine. How did you do the cute button-y thing???

  3. Thanks! I just left one side of the scarf unsewn, fold the bottom of one end of the scarf up about 5 inches, turned down the corners, and sewed on the buttons. I wanted it to have a double-breaster/pea coat look to it!