November 11, 2009

Mollie's Corner

In case you were wondering what Mollie's room looks like, here it is (she doesn't actually have her own room, just a corner of our room)!
Just a few girly things...the framed verse was a gift from my aunt, Amanda. The little shoe was a gift from my OBGYN office, it has Mollie's name, birthday, weight and length printed on it. Behind the show is a piece of metal that Stu twisted into Mollie's name.
Here are most of Mollie's little shoes. She doesn't really wear them but they're so cute I wanted to have them displayed somehow! They're on a cake stand that we used to put creampuffs on at our wedding.
Here's a framed picture from the day Mollie was born. I put it on some of the patterned paper I am using for Mollie's scrapbook. The little green sticker says "Captivated by you", the perfect caption for that picture!
Mollie doesn't actually sleep in her crib, so for now it's just housing some of my stuffed animals...
Here is the pullout drawer from underneath Mollie's crib. She has TONS of clothes. These are just the ones that she's able to fit right now. And that's not all of them..
..because most of these are hers too!

I'm very thankful for all of the clothes and gifts that everyone gave Mollie, and, finger's crossed, I can't wait for our next baby girl to use them!


  1. Molly has a nice corner:) I wish I was that organized... I wanted to tell you that I went out and bought that Simple Sewing for Baby book and I also got Green Crafts for Children. I can't wait to start making things.

  2. What a beautiful room! Love the picture caption, "Captivated by you!"