January 24, 2010

Felicity Dress

Here is a dress I made Mollie last month. It was supposed to be a Christmas dress but she wore it on Christmas day and I didn't get a good picture of it so she wore it again today. I called it the "Felicity" dress because it reminds me of the American girl doll Felicity, who was supposed to be from the Colonial Era. I didn't really intend it to look Colonial but that is how it turned out...
...which is perfect for wearing while playing with this doll that Mollie's Ganny (Stu's mom) gave her for Christmas! (The lace trim on the bodice and skirt sections were supposed to line up where the bodice and skirt intersect but I forgot to match them up when I sewed the two pieces together.)


  1. The dress is so cute and it does go so well with that colonial looking doll. Love it!
    Love y'all,

  2. Caitlin, Thank you for posting Mollie with her little doll. She looks so cute in that little dress. I love the material. The way she looks in these pictures with her old fashioned dress and doll is where my soul lives on a daily basis. I was born in the wrong time frame. She is beautiful! You are a wonderful Mother...I am beyond blessed to have you for a daughter-in-law.