June 1, 2010

Great Weekend

We had a really great weekend, getting out to do lots of things outside! On Thursday night we went to Dairy Queen for icecream and ate it in the grassy area next to the Palmer library. This is a really cool area to walk around because there are displays and monuments about Palmer's settlers. There are also picnic tables and lots of room for kids to run around.
There were some people who were walking their dogs there and Mollie got really excited to see them! She really loves dogs. She waved and said "Hi Daw" (hi dog) a few times, and danced a little bit. Here she is dancing on this huge rock. You can't really tell, but it's about 4 ft tall.
I wanted to spend some time outside on Saturday but it's a little hard to corral Mollie, so she and I hung out in the back of our truck while Stu painted our stroller frame and wheels. It was a lot easier to relax and enjoy the sunshine since Mollie couldn't get into any trouble!
On Sunday, we went out to the race track to watch the drag races. We had never been and it was a fun experience, especially getting ice cream from an ice cream truck that was there!
Stu knows a lot of people in the car "community", and had several friends that were racing, so Mollie got the VIP treatment.


  1. Cute, cute pictures of that sweet baby girl!

  2. Love these pics Cait! I can't believe how big Mollie is now!

  3. Thanks Caitlin for posting these adorable pictures! I´m glad you´re not missing us too much -haha!