June 12, 2010

"She's Just So Cute"..

...I find myself saying that a lot!

This is something I see a lot.. Mollie's distressed "hold me" look.
For my Monday "baking day" this week I made something I've been wanting to try for a while, pita bread. I had never thought of pita bread as something you could make at home, until I saw it on a blog I read, here. They turned out great. The only downside is that they don't have the "pocket", but there might be some way to fix that. Plus, I'm sure they were really inexpensive to make, so there's really no reason to buy store-bought pitas again!


  1. I agree.....Mollie is just sooo cute!


  2. I love little Mosey!!! When Eliza saw the pitas she said, " Why are those cookies floating?" I said " They're not cookies, but they do look like they are floating."