June 16, 2010

Things I've Made Lately

I actually made the tank top Mollie's wearing over a month ago, before we went to Texas, but never blogged about it. I was inspired to try "shirring", bought some elastic thread, and tried it out with this tutorial on prudent baby. You can also kindof see the finished product of our stroller makeover. It's not actually finished because we need to get some snaps for the storage compartment.
On Monday, I made these savory shortbread crackers from this Martha Stewart recipe. They were pretty good. There is cheddar cheese, cayenne pepper, and worcershire sauce in them to make them savory.
I made this skirt for Mollie during her nap yesterday to enter in Crafterhours' skirt week contest. I tried for so long to get a good picture of it on her. Here are a few...
I love how she's posing in this one..

And here's how my basil is doing..

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