August 10, 2010

Library Day

Tuesday is "library day" for Mollie and I. Ever since she was 4 months old and was old enough to start going to the library lapsit, we've gone almost every Tuesday. The lapsit program takes a break in August to plan for the coming year's programs, but I've been taking her anyways to hang out in the kids section and see if there's any free magazines for me! Well today, Mollie didn't really seem interested in the books and just wanted to play so we went outside to play in the huge grassy area next to the library.

I love all the old buildings in this area of Palmer, and especially the water tower in the background.

She loved climbing up the little hills, and running down.

There are four or five of these huge rocks listing Palmer's settlers. I love reading all of the old names! The building on the far right of the picture is the library, and the building in the middle is the train depot.


  1. These are all great photos, Caitlin. The Palmer Chamber of Commerce should use them for promotional purposes!

  2. Caitlin, To click on your blog and see what you and Mollie have been up to is such a blessing for me. I hope you can kinda realize just what a blessing. I love you all so much.

    PS Now, I do believe Mollie is reading every one of those names on that marker rock. LOL

  3. Those are realy good pictures. And I agree with Mom - I think Mollie likes to read those names too! Also, the blog about the peacoats you're making was good too. I'm thinking about going to a beginners sewing class - thanks to you!