August 16, 2010

This Morning

If Mollie notices that any of our kitchen chairs are pulled out, she will climb up into it. Especially if it's the one in front of the computer, and ESPECIALLY if my phone is there too!
Doesn't she look big up there?
Mollie's sitting in her "bumbo" chair that we got her when she was a lot younger. It's meant for young babies who can't sit up yet, but she's a much better size for it now. And she can get out of it when she wants to, instead of falling out of it like she did when she was younger.
I don't know why she was being so smily!
She even said "cheese" without me saying anything.
I think that saltine crackers are probably her favorite food.
I was going through a tub of her clothes that are the next size up and found this ADORABLE jacket!
It's sweatshirt material. She has some more really cute jackets and sweaters that she will be able to fit into soon. Perfect timing since Fall is almost here. I'm so thankful for the hand-me-downs that we've been given!

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