March 14, 2011

A Few More Things For Baby

You may have seen this dress that I posted on Facebook earlier this week. I used THIS pattern/tutorial.

This one I made using one of my old tank tops. It was really easy since I didn't have to sew the side seams or bottom hem. I just cut the tank top a few inches below the straps and made it the width of the onesie using two pleats on the front..

...and gathering in the back.

I made this "sleep sack" using THIS tutorial. It came together really fast and easy. The bodice and mitten cuff are made out of a t-shirt I got at the thrift store. The arms and gown pieces are flannel, and the binding around the neck and wrists is some of my new lacy foldover elastic. I decided to cinch the bottom with ribbon instead of elastic, like the tutorial used.

I pinned the front to keep the front sections together. I think I'll put a few snaps along the binding to keep them together.


  1. Everything is so cute, Caitlin. You just amaze me coming up with all these baby things.

  2. I love that dress you made from your old tanktop! it is SO cute! you are so creative Caitlin!

  3. If mine is a girl, I am saving a bit of fabric from two different "mother daughter" projects so we all THREE can match. I was thinking a little jumper just like the one you pictured. The pleats are a really cute idea.