March 18, 2011

Missing Mollie?

I realize that I haven't put up any new pictures of Mollie lately, I've just been blogging about craft projects, and some of you probably just want to see Mollie! I have taken some cute pictures of her in the last few weeks though:

I came upstairs from taking a shower one morning and Mollie was sucking her thumb! I'd never seen her do that before, and she hasn't done it since..

Linda, does this remind you of Stu?

These next two were taken after bible class..

1 comment:

  1. Boy Caitlin...the second to the last picture looks so much like you. I am not sure what it is but she is the spitting image of you in that one...and yes the thumb sucking reminds me of Stuart. He had to be bribed to stop doing that. It worked. We told him that if he would stop for one month he would get a brand new bike and he did. She is a precious little tiny doll.