April 4, 2011

"Itty Bitty Dress" Number 2

Here is my second version of Made By Rae's "Itty Bitty Dress" for the new baby. I blogged about my first one here. I changed a few things for this one. I made the bodice shorter, and the skirt longer.. I only made the straps on the bodice back so that they could come over the shoulders and button in the front.
I added these pockets with elastic along the top..
And I finished the hem with grosgrain ribbon. It's such an easy and pretty way to hem a dress or skirt. You just sew it onto the wrong side of the hem, close to the edge, then you turn it to the right side and sew along the top of the ribbon.


  1. Oh, Caitlin, my multi-talented granddaughter!
    That itty-bitty dress for the itty-bitty baby girl you will soon have is just precious! Are you going to make a matching one for Mollie? I made a few matching dresses for your mom and Laurie. I even made at least one matching outfit for your mom and Bruce. The dress was a small red plaid and I made Bruce a matching shirt. I am so glad you like to sew!

  2. I love the stuff you make and wish I had even an inkling of your talent!