September 3, 2011

Our Day

We spend a lot of days just hanging around at home, Mollie playing while Delia sits in my lap or lays on the floor taking everything in. 
 When I took this picture I said something about Delia showing me her tongue.. Mollie had to have me take a picture of hers too!
 More tongue pictures..

 Delia's wearing a shirt I made her while I was pregnant. I just appliqued a few triangles of different colored gingham to look like a bunting..
Naptime for Mollie was unsuccessful today, so after I finally gave up we took a walk down to the mailbox, and picked daisies on the way.. 
 I love how her hair curls into a single ringlet when it's in a ponytail..
Then we stopped to see the animals next door, finding flowers there too..
Mollie in focus..
 Flowers in focus..
I think she's confused about why she can't blow the petals off of this daisy..
I don't think I've shared any pictures of the animals next door. There are three horses, three goats, two dogs, a few cats, and a bunch of ducks and chickens. I love that we get to see farm animals everytime we leave the house.

 Days that Mollie doesn't nap seem to last forever, but I love getting to put her to bed super early and being able to relax with a hot drink and my favorite blogs!

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