November 18, 2011

5 Months Old

Delia is 5 months old as of yesterday. Almost half a year, crazy! Last month I wrote that she was starting to get interested in toys but not able to grab them yet. Well this month she is very interested in toys (or any object really) and has gotten really good at grabbing them. She can destroy a magazine in a matter of seconds! She loves to grab Mollie's hair, and luckily Mollie thinks it's funny. Their relationship is really starting to grow. Mollie is such a good big sister. She's never done anything mean to Delia and has never shown any signs of jealousy. She loves to talk to, hug, and comfort her. One morning they were both still sleeping when I got up to take a shower. When I got out of the shower I could hear that Mollie had woken up and was saying all of the little things that I say/do with Delia. It was so sweet! Delia loves her big sister too. She loves to watch her and smiles whenever Mollie gives her attention. 

Delia is able to sit up for a minute or so by supporting herself with her hands before tipping over. Mollie wasn't able to sit upright until around 6 months so I was a little surprised that Delia is able to already. However, I think that is because Mollie always wanting to be moving and doing something with her hands, so she wouldn't leave her hands on the ground long enough to support herself. Also, Delia's a lot bigger than Mollie was so she has a bigger "base" to balance on! I'm excited to get some pictures of her sitting up soon. 

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