November 23, 2011

Art With Mollie: Paper Towl Roll Octopus

A few weeks ago I wrote about making owls out of toilet paper rolls. Well we also made the owls featured in the same tutorial.
 I think the tutorial used a toilet paper roll, but we used a paper towel roll and cut it in half to make two. I let Mollie paint it. Then when it dried, I cut it in half, cut slits in it to make 8 tentacles, and rolled each tentacle around a pencil to make them curl. Then I let Mollie stick the eyes on. There is also a very faint smile drawn on with a blue pen but you have to look close. I didn't tell her where to put the eyes, so on one octopus (this one) the eyes are really far apart, but on the other one, they are literally touching they are so close together! I don't know why she did that but they were funny sitting next to each other. Sadly the close-eyed octopus is lost somewhere so I only got pictures of this one.

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