December 19, 2011

6 Months Old

Delia is six months old now. This month she has gotten her first two teeth, on the bottom. They seemed to pop up over night and I was so surprised, since Mollie didn't get any teeth until around 10 months! She hasn't had any food yet, but we'll probably start giving her things to chew on soon. I'm a little reluctant in a way. She still seems like so much of a baby to me and I'm not ready for her to be eating already!

She's sitting up by herself pretty good now, but not good enough for me to be more than a couple feet away. She was really steady a few days ago so I tried to get a picture and she tipped over and hit her head on the floor (we don't have carpet). I've never felt so horrible!

 She has a very calm and serious personality and rarely smiles for strangers but she gives us lots of smiles at home. My favorites are when we she looks up at me while I'm feeding her and smiles, or when she smiles at Mollie. A lot of times Mollie will be just doing her thing (singing, dancing, being crazy) and Delia thinks it's funny and smiles. I think I say this every month, but Mollie is such an amazing big sister! She's always bringing toys to Delia, kissing her, and talking to her so sweetly. In the car the other night, I heard Mollie saying, "Delia, I love you touching me" and saying in a sing-song voice "a little Delia hand, a little Delia hand". 

 Here she is! She was almost 15 lbs at her last check up two months ago, so I'm guessing she's around 17-18 now, crazy!

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  1. Very cute! I love that chub! Clara and Lydia have started to have times where they entertain each other while I do other things. Yay! I love the Sisterly love! You are like me having never had a sister. It is so sweet to see the girls loving each other!

    That quilt is so precious! Did you make it?