January 23, 2012

7 Months

Delia is 7 months old now. The past month has flown by with Christmas, New Years, my birthday, and Stu starting a new job. Not much has changed with Delia. Her two bottom teeth are all the way out, and I think I can see her top two about to break through her gums. She had her first sickness this week. It was just a fever that lasted all night and the next morning, but it was scary for me because Mollie was never sick as a baby! I'm thankful that the fever was her only symptom, and that we didn't have to go to the doctor. 
She is still very laid back. It's funny when I think back to Mollie at this age. I remember she started crawling on the day she turned 7 months old. I don't think Delia will be crawling for another month or two, but she does love to "army crawl", dragging herself all around our wood floors using her arms. 

Their heads are almost the same size!

Mollie decided that Delia needed some accessories..
I love her..

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