January 21, 2012

Art With Mollie: Valentine Owls

I saw this owl made out of different size hearts on Pinterest and thought it would be a good craft to do with Mollie since she has a ton of heart-shaped foam stickers that we could use. Last year I bought her a huge bag of different foam shapes in different sizes and colors and they have come in really handy. I love that they are stickers on the back and Mollie is able to peel them herself. Her favorite thing to do is put them all over her face and pretend to be a clown. I'll have to do a blog post of pictures of her being a clown, cause she does it all the time!
 The proportions seemed a little off on that big one. I think I made the body too big, so I decided to try making little ones using just the foam shapes. I think they look adorable!
 Here's Mollie's:
Then we spent a long time pretending that the little owls were sisters, named Mollie and Delia and the big one was the Mama. According to Mollie, they had to ride the bus to the school, which was on my sewing machine. I love when our art projects can be played with instead of just hung up on the refrigerator!

1 comment:

  1. Those are just the very cutest, Caitlin.
    You and Mollie have so much fun. She likes crafts just like you and your mama. That is such a good thing.

    You know I used to make/sew lots of things. Have been out of that for a long time, but I think you are inspiring me to get back into crafting again.