January 26, 2012

A Dress For Delia

I hope your not tired of seeing pictures of Delia, because she was being too cute today while she was modeling a dress I made her. 
 I actually made this dress a loooong time ago, like in August (I gave a little sneak peek right here), and I had finished everything except for putting on the 2 buttons. Thinking back it seems ridiculous that it took 5 months for me to sew on the buttons! I had even done the buttonholes, just too lazy to do the buttons I guess. Oh well, at least it still fits her! 
 See the two blurry triangles at the bottom of this picture?...
 They're cat ears! Delia loves our cat Maggie..

 She's such a little doll!

 A close-up..you can see those two little teeth..

 I thought it would be cute to get some of her in this old rocking chair but she did not like that!

 Somehow I got her to smile and you'd never guess that she'd been upset. 

 Back in the closet with the rest of the dresses. I love seeing all of the handmade dresses hanging together. I see nine right here, including one that my Meemaw made me. I wonder if my granddaughters and great granddaughters will wear these dresses someday :)


  1. I just love this and your little girl is divine!

  2. What a face...adorable...and I can completely relate to looking in the wardrobe and feeling such joy at all of the handmade creation ♥

  3. I am sure they will wear them proudly in the years to come, and speak kindly of you as well! Your little one is soooooo cute, and the dress you made so very sweet!