February 23, 2012

8 Months

My tiny girl is 8 months old! 
I've noticed in the last few weeks that she's really starting to act like an older baby, interested in anything she can get her hands on. She's not crawling yet, but is able to get around really well by "army crawling" (dragging herself around on her forearms). She gets up on her hands and knees a little bit and rocks, but I've noticed she does it a lot more when she's on a soft surface, like the carpet downstairs or on the bed. I wonder if the wood floors upstairs are slowing her down a little bit. I'm not looking forward to putting up our baby gates, but I'm betting we have another month before we'll have to :)
Looking up at a balloon..
..and over at her sister
Delia is very serious in public. It's very rare for a non family member to be able to make her smile. I feel a little bad when people at church or out talk to her, and she just stares at them. But at home she is very goofy! She smiles a lot, and laughs way more than Mollie did at this age. 
As far as sounds go, she says combinations of "buh" and "wuh" a lot, but the thing she does the most is say "kee" and "hee" in a weird hissing/gargling way. It's hard to explain! She also smacks her lips, and thinks it's so funny if you do it back to her. A few days ago, she got a kick out of holding my hands and clapping them together, and now she has started clapping her hands!

 I don't have any pictures of her showing all of her teeth, but she has 5 now. Two on bottom, three on top. I'm pretty positive the fourth top one will be out by next month. 

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  1. Delia is just so very cute. Smiling or not. I would like to see her teeth. She will show them when SHE is ready.