February 20, 2012

Art With Mollie: Folded Paper Ballerinas

We did an adorable super-easy craft this morning. Mollie really wanted to make a craft, but I wasn't feeling very creative. We were scrolling through Pinterest looking at kids crafts but nothing was appealing to me. It was hard to find something simple enough for her to make that we had the supplies for. But then I saw this, and knew it was perfect!

First you accordion fold a piece of paper..
Then draw on your ballerina (or anything really) onto the top section. This picture is of my first attempt. Then I realized you have to make your design touch both sides of the paper for all four of the sections to connect once the design is cut out. 
Meanwhile, Mollie drew and cut her own ballerina..

Here it is all unfolded. I think they look so cute!

Finally Mollie was able to decorate them. I set her up at the table with some crayons and foam shapes while I took a shower, so I was really eager to come upstairs and see what she'd done. 
I think they're so cute, and the possibilities are endless. I almost want to do this craft myself to hang in Mollie's room!

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