February 13, 2012

Art With Mollie: Pinterest Ideas

Mollie and I got our craft on while Delia was sleeping this morning. She sleeps in really late, which is how I'm able to get a lot of sewing & crafting with Mollie done. I have a Pinterest board of kids craft ideas to do with Mollie. I showed her this lion craft a few days ago and she asked if we could make it today, so we did. We did it a little differently, using construction paper instead of a paper plate, and I let Mollie draw on the nose and mouth instead of cutting it out of felt. I try to stay away from crafts that require me to do most of the work. Not because I don't like helping, but what is the point of doing crafts with kids if all they get to do is glue together a bunch of stuff that you cut out! I thought she would like cutting the fringe around the mane, since she can't do much with scissors except make short cuts, but after a couple of cuts she was asking to make another craft! She'd already caught a glimpse of my "kid crafts" Pinterest board  and knew I had more crafts up my sleeve.
 She wanted to make these flowers. This craft was one of those where I had to do a lot of it.  I cut three tubes a few inches long off of an old wrapping paper roll, and had her color them while I cut out the flowers and leaves. I felt bad, she kept asking, "What can I do?" as I finished cutting everything out. I had tried to have her draw a flower for me to cut out, but the one she drew just wouldn't work for this craft!
 Then I had her cut the slits on the top of the rolls, slide the flowers on, and then use glue dots to put on the leaves. I think they're adorable!
Then she wanted to do another craft! This one wasn't technically one that I found on Pinterest. I've actually had this on my to-do list long before I joined Pinterest, but I've seen it floating around, and if you have Pinterest, you probably have too! It's this handprint tutu!
 I jazzed it up a little by gluing pearl trim around the neckline, and using patterned paper for the background.

 I love all of the textures - the paint, ribbon, pearls, and canvas-y look of the cardstock. 

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