February 10, 2012

Shabby Chic T-Shirt Dress

I pinned this dress on Pinterest a little while ago and decided to make something similar for Mollie. I went to Target yesterday to pick up some cheap t-shirts to use. I was hoping to find something kind of funky with stripes or polka dots or something, but didn't really find anything like that that didn't have a design on it that I'd have to cut right in half, so I decided to go with a solid shirt instead. The only super cheap ones were boy shirts, so I got this grey one to use. 
 I bought the 18-month size, because Mollie's got such narrow shoulders and just a petite body. I could tell when I tried it on her that boy shirts are cut way differently! The armholes are bigger, the shoulders seemed wider, and it was just kind of box-y and not as snug-fitting! I guess I should have known that, but oh well. I know to stick with girl shirts from now on!
 Then I headed to Joann's to get some quilting cotton for the skirt. I thought I wanted something bold, bright, and kind of modern. I wasn't planning on getting something overly girly, but I loved this floral print. The brand is DS Quilts Collection, which is one of my favorite designers that Joann's carries. Check out the rest of their collection here.
 I have a TON of eyelet lace that was given to me, and I thought that the creme color would look really cute with the grey, so I added it around the neck, and at the hem. 
When you sew trim around the neckline of a t-shirt, you have to make sure to just put it on the front, or it won't stretch over their head!

 I think it turned out more"shabby chic" than funky, but I love it..
 ..and I think Mollie loves it too.
I did end up buying a girls t-shirt and a different DS Quilts print to make into another dress that I hope to make by Valentine's Day! The shirt has a heart pocket on the front, and Mollie will be going to a little Valentine's tea party next week. I'll keep you posted!


  1. i can't believe you made that! and make it seem so simple, too. "oh- i just threw this together today...no big deal!" haha i love it! it's adorable.

  2. love that green floral fabric ~ I've used it for a couple of sewing projects :D

  3. Adorable! Love the fabric and trim!!