March 22, 2012

9 Months

Delia is nine months old now. That's almost one year..crazy! Time is flying by, but it doesn't make me sad. I'm enjoying every minute and feel so blessed to be able to stay at home and be there for every second of her days!
 One of her little "tricks" is clapping when I say "Yay!!". I kind of trained her to do it, by saying "yay" every time she clapped, and now she does it on command. I love seeing the lightbulb in her mind turn on, and her eyes light up when I say "yay". 
 She's going through some pretty serious separation anxiety lately. Luckily, I don't ever have to actually leave her. But if someone else tries to hold her, she immediately cries. If anyone even reaches out their arms to hold her, she turns to me and clings tightly! I like knowing that she feels attached to me, but it gets a little frustrating when she won't even let Stu hold her. 
 She has eight teeth now, four on both the top and bottom, and has been drooling a lot
 I'm not sure what this look was about!
Delia still isn't really crawling. Well, she can crawl, but she only does it in our bathroom! It's really strange, but it must have something to do with the floor in there. She will crawl several paces, and then goes back to army crawling. There is definitely a change in mindset with the second child when it comes to reaching milestones (at least for me). It's still exciting when she does something for the first time, but I'm in no hurry for her to do anything.

 Mollie had to join in..

Well that's about all that's new. I'm looking forward to Delia's first Easter in a few weeks, lots of family birthdays next month, and playing outside more :)

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