March 27, 2012

Homemade Easter: Fabric Flower Hairbows

I had a lot of fun putting together Mollie's Easter basket last year. I even blogged about it here. Well, I'm looking forward to doing a basket for both Mollie and Delia, but I've decided to make it a little simpler this year and fill their baskets with homemade things! There are a lot of cute little trinkets that you can buy to put in Easter baskets (particularly in Target, and Joanns' dollar sections!), but it is easy to go overboard, and most kids (at least mine) don't need anymore stuff. 

So, I decided to share the things I'm making in case any one needs any Easter basket ideas. Most of them are things I've seen on Pinterest, a great place to get ideas. First up are these fabric flower hair bows that I made out of the fabric I used for their Easter dresses (I'll share those soon!). This is the tutorial I followed. Fabric flowers are all over blog-land, but I've never tried them. I'm not a huge fan of hand sewing, so I think that's why, but these were so simple and really quick to make! 

This blue one is Delia's. I will probably put it on an elastic headband, since she doesn't really have enough hair for a hairclip :)

And here is Mollie's. I love Mollie in yellow!

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  1. Love these clips and they are so cute in seersucker. I have to track down the tutorial and make a few of these for my girls. Great idea about handmade Easter Baskets instead of buying all the little junk.