April 25, 2012


One of the funnest parts about being a parent is watching your children experience new things and explore.

Delia got to experience nature first-hand for the first time last week. Up until now I've just carried her around when we've been outside, but the snow has finally melted, and it's warm enough for her not to wear her big snowsuit which is hard to move around in. 
She did exactly what I thought she would..
..ate leaves.

Mollie was happy to get out of the house and run loose too..
While this apartment isn't our ideal place to live, I'm so thankful for the huge yard, woods to explore, farm animals next door, and the country atmosphere that this place has.

Mollie is such a little explorer. Instead of just playing in the yard, she's been playing mostly in the "jungle" as she calls it. She's always finding things to climb on and making up little scenarios for us to pretend.

Living on a dirt road means lots of potholes to splash in!

See the mountains? Sometimes I take for granted just how beautiful it is here, surrounded by mountains. It's easy to forget that they're even there.
This horse is pregnant! I think the foal will be born in the next few months, and the owners are keeping it, so that will be neat to see. I was explaining to Mollie that the horse had a baby horse in it's belly, just like Delia was in my belly. A few minutes later she said, "I hope there's not a baby in my belly!".

So happy that Spring is here!

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