April 22, 2012

10 Months

Well, Delia has had quite a month! 

Just a day or two after I wrote in Delia's 9 month post that she wasn't crawling yet, she started crawling! She always seems to start doing something right after I say that she hasn't done it yet.
I also mentioned last month that she was having some pretty extreme separation anxiety. I was the only person that could hold her, including Stu, and she never wanted to be put down! It was getting pretty exhausting, but I chalked it up to a phase and knew that it wouldn't last forever.
Although she would have periods where she was happy, most of the time she was "generally discontent" as Stu put it. She wasn't very interested in any of her toys, and really only wanted to be held and nursed. I assumed that she was teething again, so I didn't think that it was unusual when she got a low fever last Monday. 

The fever would subside, and then come back off and on over the next few days. She also got a rash on her lower back, that looked like irritation from the waistband of her pants or diaper. I didn't put two and two together, that the fever and rash might be connected, until that Friday. The rash had spread rapidly down to her upper thigh, and was really hot to the touch. We took her to the doctor's office, and they knew immediately that we had to take her to the hospital.
It turns out that the rash was some sort of infection. They thought it was probably a staph infection, but were never able to tell for sure since the blood they drew never cultured anything. Luckily, the infection was very superficial and was able to be treated entirely with antibiotics. 

They monitored her there at the hospital for three nights, making sure that the infection was going away and that her fever didn't return. On Monday night we were able to come home, and immediately she was so much happier! We put her down on the floor as soon as we got home and she just crawled around everywhere, exploring everything. She's so much more active than she has been in the last 2-3 weeks, and is "pulling up" on things every chance she gets.
Anyway, everything is back to normal now. Delia has gotten to play outside, and really experience nature for the first time ever this week.. but that's another blog post in itself!

Another first this month was her first word! It's "hi", and she says it all the time. It's especially funny when she hears someone on TV say "hi", and she replies. She has said "bye-bye" or just "bye" a few times too. She does a few things on command now, like clapping when you say "yay!", giving kisses when you make the kissing sound, and she has waved a few times.  It's so fun to watch her learn and interact with us more. I'm sure I'll have some knew words to share in her 11 month post, and I'm betting that "Kitty" will be one of them (she loves our cat Maggie)!

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