May 27, 2012

11 Months

I guess it's about time that I put words to this blog post. Last week Delia turned 11 months old. She is the sweetest little girl.
She has such a shy, serious personality, but then she has these funny little things that she does just around us, and it's like she knows she's being silly! 
Peekaboo is one of her favorite things..

She is still only saying "hi", but she has a few "commands" that she follows, like wave, pat, and kiss.
My favorite thing that she does is nod whenever we tell her to nod or say "yeah". I think I say "yeah" and nod to her a lot after I'll ask her a question or if she "says" something to me, so now she nods anytime we say "yeah"! Sometimes she'll even nod after I ask a question because she's picked up on the inflection we use when we ask questions. It's pretty cute!
She also likes to bump her head on things (like the wall, or the sides of her crib) and then look at me like she did something really funny!
Her and Mollie have been interacting more lately, and it's so cute to watch. Mollie likes to roll around and sort of wrestle with her on the bed, and Delia likes it most of the time. They both love to do "pat-a-cake" together though. 
We've started sleep-training Delia a little bit, and it's going a lot better than I expected. I don't mind her sleeping in bed with us at all, but she was just waking up all the time and needing to nurse to fall back asleep. My goal was to get her to start falling asleep on her own so that she'd learn how to put herself back to sleep throughout the night. So for now, I start by feeding her and then rocking her a little bit until she's drowsy, and then laying her down in her crib. She'll usually go right to sleep, but if she cries and starts pulling herself up, I just pick her back up and rock her for a minute to calm her down and then try again. When she inevitably wakes up at some point after Stu and I go to bed, we just bring her into bed and she's learning to just cuddle up to me and fall back to sleep. She's much better at falling asleep on her own, and is waking up much less, which is all I want for now.  
We did finally have to put the baby gates up this month. She just went straight for the stairs anytime we'd set her down. She's pretty much mastered crawling up the stairs. She wasn't interested in them for the longest time, but she finally figured out how to crawl up them and now that's all she wants to do when we're downstairs. I figured she's going to have to learn sometime, and the sooner she learns to go up and down safely, the sooner we can take the baby gates down! 

She's a little bit closer to walking this month. She's pulling up on everything in sight, cruises a little bit, and sometimes lets go and stands for 10 seconds or so before plopping down. It's such a contrast from Mollie at this age. I was watching some home videos we took of her and it was so funny, Mollie was full on walking at 10 months! I'm definitely not complaining..I don't think I could handle two Mollies! A Delia and a Mollie, though, are the perfect combination.


  1. You take beautiful pictures! What kind of camera do you use? She's so cute :)

    1. Thank you! It's a Canon Rebel XS.

    2. You're welcome,Thank you! :)