August 28, 2012

A Denim Dress for Mollie

I'm taking a little break from filling up my shop to make some Fall clothes for Mollie and Delia. I've gotten a handful of sales so far, giving me a little extra money to do some guilt-free fabric shopping :)

First up was this dress for Mollie:

I've been wanting to sew her a denim dress, and found this super lightweight denim at Joann's. It is so light and soft!

Then I chose this floral print cotton for the contrasting yoke..

There was a little tear-inducing incident during our "photo shoot". Someone was trying to do a soccer trick, and kicked Mollie in the mouth. 

She looks so sad in these pictures, but at this point I honestly think she was over the pain, and was trying to look sad and dramatic!

I had to include this one of her lip haha..

But in no time, she was back to her self!

Up next is a semi-matching dress for Delia. I'm not exactly sure what I'll do for her, but it will have denim, and red ric-rac!


  1. CUTE!!!! Wow, what a sweet dress. Just beautiful! And I love her little haircut, she's too much adorable.

  2. Adorable! Both the dress and the model. :-)

  3. Adorable! Both the dress and the model. :-)

  4. I've always loved denimn dresses. The boots go perfectly with Mollie's dress. And I like the sequence of the photos.

  5. oooh super cute! Love the denim with the floral, and the BOOTS!