August 30, 2012

Sweet D

No new dress for Delia yet, but I'm working on it :) But I did take lots of cute pictures of her while I was photographing Mollie in her new dress.
 Delia is becoming so fun. Not that the last 14 months haven't been fun, but she's just getting to that age where she can really interact and I can see that she is learning things. Like when she bites me and then laughs and shakes her head "no", because that's what I always do! Or how she starts waving every time she hears a car, because her big sister is really into waving goodbye to everyone.
 She was intrigued by the millions of mushrooms in our yard. I told her not to touch them, but that she could step on them..
 She found another one. Surprisingly she didn't try to touch them again.

 So sweet. 

 There's Maggie in the background, behind Delia's hand.

 She is still super attached to me, wanting to be held all day long. But when I just sit down with her and read books, or play with toys with her (instead of trying to do everything I want/need to do with a baby on my hip), she's so sweet and adorable that I forget how frustrating her neediness can be. 

 Trying to put her shoe back on :)

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