September 12, 2012

Vests for the Girls

This was my next project on my "personal sewing" to-do list: warm vests for the girls. Joann's has some really nice flannel shirtings out now, so that is what I used for the outside of the vests. The insides are lined with black microfleece.

I have more of the black & white houndstooth fabric that Delia's vest was made out of, so I listed it as a custom listing in my shop, here.

And here is Mollies..

She tried it on for me when it was finished, and I got these pictures. But after that she didn't seem interested in it. She hates to wear sweaters or jackets of any kind, so I wasn't surprised that she didn't want to wear it. I still had some of the pink plaid flannel left so I decided to make her a skirt out of it because I knew she would wear that! Well, she loves the skirt, and she wanted to wear the vest with it! I didn't intend for them to be worn together, it looks really matchy-matchy, but  she makes it look coming soon!

1 comment:

  1. Your girls are SO adorable! And the vests are to-die-for.
    Kind of hoping for a little girl, now :)