September 10, 2012

An Apron for Mollie

Mollie and I love to bake together, so I can't believe it has taken me so long to make her her own apron. She has worn small one that I have (here she is wearing it, funny this is almost exactly a year ago!), but most of the time I forget to put an apron on, let alone put one on her. Well, she reminds me now that she has her own :)

A friend from church gave me a ton of fabric from her stash, and I thought this would be perfect for an apron. I already had the brown bias tape, and the brown fabric that the ruffle is made out of, so this was a free project! 

She'll taste anything!

I love when they play together <3 They've been entertaining each other more and more, and it really gives me a glimpse into the future. 

In case you were wondering what we made, these are "Sugar Donut Muffin", from this recipe. It's just a basic muffin recipe (I love it because all of the ingredients are things you'll already have on hand)..

...but once they're cooled off just a little bit, you brush them with butter, and roll them in sugar..delicious!

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