March 27, 2013

Sewing For My Boy: DIY Baby Shoes

Another project for baby boy! This was my first time making baby shoes, and I love how these turned out. Here is the pattern that I used. Check out their other patterns, they have some really cute ones (especially for  girls!).

It's hard to tell by looking at the pictures just how small these are, but they're tiny! I made the 0-3 month size, and they're about 3.5" long. 

They're fully lined on the inside. To do this, you have to sandwich the whole shoe between the sole and the sole lining, and sew around it. This part was really difficult with the pieces being so small but worth it for the professional finish! 

I loved making these and now have lots of plans for other baby shoes. I bought the pattern for these baby "TOMS":

I also like this one:

I love the style of these boots you can buy on Etsy, but they're actual shoes, not a pattern! I'm planning to find a similar pattern, or alter a pattern so that I can sew some shoes like these in grey suede. Here is a pattern that I think could be easily  made into something more like these boots.


  1. beautiful job!!! I've sewn doll shoes before, so I can imagine that it's tricky to sew those tiny seams, they are sooo cute!!!

    1. I can't imagine sewing doll shoes! I think these were about as small as I could handle!

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