April 4, 2013

Sewing For My Boy: Quilt Plans

One of the things I've been most excited to make for our baby, whether it was going to be a girl or a boy, was a quilt! I've been looking at fabric and planning what I'd use if it was a boy, and what I'd use if it was a girl since I got pregnant...okay maybe even before then :) Finding the perfect boy fabric was tough for me, I'm kind of picky when it comes to boy style/fabric/clothing, and don't like anything too cartoony or sterotypical (vehicles, sports, etc.) I thought I'd decided on this fabric line, and I still like it a lot...but then I saw this collection and fell in love: 

It's called "Constellations" by the designer, Lizzy House. I think it's perfect! It comes in three "color schemes", but they can all go together too. Now I just have to decide which colors I want to go with. It's pretty much down to the outer two stacks. I'm not too keen on the yellow and mint/turquoise shade in the middle row, but I do like the second from the bottom in that stack. 

The stack on the right is the one that jumped out at me the most. I like the brighter shades of blue that this one uses, but I'm not too sure about the purple. Depending on what pictures you look at on different websites, it either looks very purple, or mostly blue. 

I also like the look of the stack on the left. Luckily I've found a seller on Etsy who will let me mix and match to create a custom bundle! Now I just have to decide which 9 to go with, and I would really like to know what you think (hint, hint, leave me a comment)!! 

So, on to the quilt pattern.. this is what I've chosen. It's simpler than I'd planned on (check out my Quilts pinterest board to see some others I thought about), but I kind of like that about it. Believe it or not, it took me a while to realize that it basically looks exactly like the triangle prints in the fabric I've chosen!

So, depending on which fabrics I choose, the quilt will turn out looking a lot like one of these:

So seriously, what do you think?


  1. I really like the bundle on the left, minus the two with geometric looking patterns. Maybe add the bottom three from the right bundle and the bottom two from the middle bundle??

  2. I very much prefer the left stacks' color scheme!

  3. I'm completely in love with the one you don't want :-P As far as the two options you like: I vote the bluer blues and not the purply blues. That's just my personal preference tho. Whichever you choose, I can't wait to see the progress and finished result! :-D

  4. I am in LOVE with these now too! I hadn't seen the whole collection together, though I still really liked the single fabric that I saw... it's just much prettier when you see them all in unison. So gorgeous. I really like the triangle fabric that you featured at the bottom, the one of the right (the less purple looking one) is a more appealing color scheme to me. I will also be purchasing some of these for my son, though I'm JUST learning how to quilt and I'm not sure I'd be able to do a full size one on my own. Keep us update, i really want to see how this turns out! (and i'm also jealous of your son for getting such an awesome quilt)


    1. Thanks for your comment! Isn't this fabric awesome?! I love the triangle prints too.. I decided to go for the color scheme on the left, and added in a few of the other fabrics too. I will definitely update the blog on my progress.