January 26, 2014

Our Halloween

I love to sew homemade Halloween costumes, but there was no way I had time for that this year with a new baby. Instead I put together store-bought leotards and tights with pink tutus that I bought at a craft fair so that the girls could be ballerinas. With a touch of makeup and "ballerina buns", they were all set.

Mollie could hardly wait to get going. This was her first year trick-or-treating, and she was totally into it.

My parents live on a perfect street for trick-or-treating, so that was where we went. There were just enough people trick-or-treating to make it exciting, without crowding the sidewalks.

I wish that I had gotten these two pictures in focus, it was just getting too dark and my camera wasn't fast enough (oh yeah, and I was carrying Dede lol), but I love what it captures: Mollie on a mission. There was no slowing her down for pictures. She can be really random about whether she's feeling shy or outgoing, but this night she was very outgoing. She was walking ahead of me and Dede, complimenting other kids on their costumes, and going up to these gigantic houses all by herself.

I was thrilled to have the Halloween experience that I've only seen on TV and in movies. You know, where there are leaves on the ground instead of snow, it's light outside, you don't have to cover up your costume with a coat, etc. :) I'm looking forward to many more Halloweens like this.

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  1. Let me be the first to say....she is adorable! I am so excited that she was so excited. Your mother is just beautiful. She has the prettiest smile this side of the Mississippi. What beautiful pictures. I want to see some of Dee.