July 18, 2014

South Haven Beach Trip: North Beach

Before we headed home, we checked out the North beach. I thought it would be less crowded and a good spot to get some pictures of them together without people in the background. My grandparents had given us some money to get them some special outfits, and I meticulously scoured the internet for the perfect outfits for some beach photos. Everyone was tired by this point and it was showing. Honestly, trying to get these pictures was a disaster and I was sure that I hadn't gotten any decent pictures. We were probably only there for 10-15 minutes before I gave up and decided we'd just come back later this summer. Looking back I can see that my expectations were too high. I may not have gotten the perfect picture of all three of them together, looking at the camera, and smiling (a near impossible task with three kids :), but it wasn't such a disaster after all.


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