September 30, 2014

Apple Tasting

Yesterday we did an apple tasting as part of our apple unit study that we're doing this month. I picked out one of almost every kind of apple that our grocery store had, and added in one of the McIntosh apples that we picked at the orchard a few weeks ago. In all, we tasted McIntosh, Red Delicious, Jazz, Granny Smith, and Fuji apples. 

I found a great free printable to use to help the girls record their results. It's from the blog Gift of Curiosity, and you can find the printable here.

Delia predicted that she'd like the Jazz apple best, and Mollie thought she'd like the Red Delicious.

It was funny to see the girls' reactions to the Granny Smith apple. That thing was sour!

In the end, Delia and I both preferred the Fuji, while Mollie couldn't decide between the Red Delicious and Granny Smith.

 When we were all done, we peeled and cut up the rest of the apples to make apple sauce in the slow cooker! We used this recipe. It only took a few hours and turned out delicious. I like my apple sauce super cinnamon-y so I doubled the cinnamon in the recipe, and then ended up adding more after I dished it out, along with some brown sugar :) It was like eating apple pie filling, yum!

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  1. Those apples look really pretty lined up together! Most of the time we don't really notice the difference between the varieties. Of course, the girls are pretty too!