September 4, 2014

On A Sunday

I thought Lincoln looked particularly handsome in his Sunday best last week, so I had to document it. He wasn't too keen on that idea, but I managed to snap a few when he wasn't fussing. There's nothing better than a baby in a button down shirt. I was going through Lincoln's clothes in the next size up, and it seems I have a small obsession.

Dede wanted some pictures of her in the rocking chair too. She loves to wear the pink rainboots that I got her and Mollie last Easter. Nine times out of ten, she puts on Mollie's boots on accident, which are waaay too big for her 

We stopped by Home Depot on our way home from church. Mollie carries her coin purse around everywhere and loves to buy things with her "own money". So we walked around the garden center and she picked out some chrysanthemums. She's taking great care of them. I even heard her singing to them this morning :)

I'm not usually a fan of houseplants, but I do love having flowers inside.

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