September 2, 2014

New York City: Day 3

On our third (and final) day in NYC, we got up early to get our room packed up and checked out. Then we got some coffee and walked up toward Central Park. When I learned that we'd get to come to NYC, the place I was most excited to see was Central Park. Right next to the park is FAO Schwarz, the famous NYC toy store that was featured in the Tom Hanks movie "Big". Now, the Toys R' Us in Times Square was incredible, but FAO Schwarz was even more amazing. I wish I had many more pictures of the inside. I couldn't believe how big it was. The first floor as their iconic huge stuffed animals, and realistic stuffed animals, and candy shop. The bottom floor was all baby and preschool age clothing and toys. They had so many beautiful wooden toys. The other floors had every possible line of toys you could imagine. We thought it would be the perfect place to buy some souvenir for the girls, and a special birthday present/souvenir. If we ever go back to NYC with the whole family (which we plan to someday), I could see spending hours and hours there. It made me sad that the girls couldn't experience it with us, but I think it will be even more enjoyable when they're a little older :)


Dede would have been in heaven. If she didn't already have so many babies, I would have been tempted to get her one.


It was a tough choice, but we finally picked out gifts for the kids, and walked into Central Park.

I was excited for Lincoln to be able to get down and play, since he had to be carried around for so much of our trip, but at that point he was so worn out.  

We walked to an area in the park called Strawberry Fields, where they have a memorial for John Lennon.

 We ended up having to wake Lincoln up so that he could experience the park a little bit. I thought it was the perfect place to get some portrait-style pictures to commemorate both his birthday (which was the next day), and this amazing trip. Here's one, but I'll save the rest for another day.

We were in a little bit of a hurry, because we only had a few more hours to get back to our hotel to catch our ride to the airport. The last thing on our NYC bucket list was to eat some real New York cheesecake. We got on the subway and headed to Juniors, on the corner of Broadway in Times Square

Lincoln, once again enjoying some pickles.

We split a gigantic roast beef sandwich (this is just my half!), so that we'd have room for dessert.

I wouldn't say it was the best cheesecake I've ever eater, but it was good, and the experience is what counts. I mean, eating New York cheesecake in Times Square is priceless!

After we finished, we quickly walked back to our hotel, and within a few minutes we were on our way back to the airport. Like I said, it was a whirlwind trip. We were there for almost exactly 48 hours, but it was an amazing trip and we left with no regrets. It probably would have been harder to leave if we didn't have Lincoln's birthday party the next day, not to mention these two waiting for us at home :)
This was just after we'd given them their souvenirs from FAO Schwarz, a stuffed unicorn for Dede, and pegasus for Mollie.

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