July 2, 2015

Delia's 4th "Brave" Birthday

We knew we had to have a birthday party this year for Delia, since she's never actually had a birthday party (that she can remember at least). After planning and throwing Mollie's party, I was feeling pretty done with party planning, so Stu volunteered to do most of the planning! That took a lot of stress and pressure off of me :) When it came down to it, we worked together to throw a special Brave-themed birthday party for Dede. 
I made Dede a Merida-inspired summer dress using the same pattern I had used for Mollie's witch Halloween costume last year.

We got meat from Dickey's BBQ, and had traditional BBQ sides, thanks to Uncle Matt who basically catered the party :D

Just like Mollie's party, it was all family who came. I LOVE having a big extended family here!

We kept it simple with the cake and ordered one from our grocery store.

This is the only picture you can see the fabric strip bunting I made with a variety of flannel plaids from Joann's, and some I had on hand. We bought a few yard of burlap for the table cloth, and some burlap ribbon that Stu spotted that were the perfect Brave colors.

The kids enjoyed finding miniature slugs..

..and playing with sparklers.

Stu's wooden bean-bag target was a big hit..

..with the men :D.

It took a lot of work to get this smile. It's not as easy as just saying something in a silly voice anymore :)

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  1. Oh, my! How I loved all the pictures, Caitlin! Thank you for sharing the 4th and for Dede's 4th birthday! I look at these pictures over and over. I'm so proud of your family!
    Love you,