August 31, 2015

Baby Dede Loves Her Big Sister - a blog post by Dede

*Dede's first day, in her own words*
Baby Dede had fun with her big sister. Baby Dede loved her big sister. Mollie had fun with her little sister. Dede had fun with her big sister, and Mollie loved her little sister. Mollie named her little sister Dede. Dada liked it. We loved to draw.

I didn't want Dada to hold me! I only wanted my Mama to hold me. And then I started to cry when Grammie held me. And when I was first born, Mollie got to hold me. When I did love that I hugged her. I only wanted Mollie to hold me, and Mama.

I loved Dada.

When I was born in the hospital, Mama was surprised. That was so fun! And I loved that too. Dada loved the name Dede.

Mollie got to hold me when I was first born, and look at me. Dada was surprised.

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  1. I loved every bit of your blog post, Dede. I love your name. I love you!