August 27, 2015

Lincoln's Circus Birthday Party

Lincoln's 2nd birthday party was last weekend, and I had a lot of fun planning his circus party! A few years ago I was given some fabric, one of which was the circus train fabric you see on the table as a table runner. Ever since I saw that fabric, I knew I had to throw a circus party some day. Now was the perfect time, before Lincoln can start suggesting his own party themes :D
The stuffed lion made a perfect decoration, and is really special, too. Stu's mom bought it for Lincoln in the hospital gift shop right after he was born. The carnival signs are from Hobby Lobby, and circus tent cupcake holders from Amazon.

We had a gourmet popcorn bar, with popcorn made at a local shop, Wirtz Family Popcorn. It was tough to choose just a few flavors, but I settled on Cheddar Cheese, Butter, Cinnamon Sugar, and Circus blend (blue raspberry, grape, and cherry).

I bought these personalized stickers from this shop on Etsy. The popcorn boxes can be found all over Etsy, but I found the best price on Amazon!

For centerpieces on each table, I used these larger popcorn boxes from Hobby Lobby, filled them with peanuts, and some paper decorations that I made with this scrapbook paper. Here are two of them, I guess I forgot to get a picture of the third, oops!

I also used the scrapbook paper to make these framed prints, in frames leftover from Lincoln's party last year.
On the dessert table, are more popcorn boxes filled with mini caramel apple pops (apple balls made with a melon baller, dipped in caramel flavored candy melts, and rolled in chopped nuts)...

...and mini cotton candy on a stick!

For dinner, we had a gourmet hot dog bar full of all kinds of toppings and condiments. I printed up out some ideas and used washi tape to hang it over this sign I made for Mollie's birthday party

I made the char-broiled corn dog, mmmm!

Since we were at a park, I didn't plan any games or activities (although there's no shortage of carnival/circus game ideas on Pinterest), so for the rest of the party we just enjoyed the food and time with family.

Lincoln had a great time, and I could tell he was happy to be around everyone.

His birthday crown was from this Etsy shop. He loooves to wear hats, so I knew he'd love having a special crown to wear.

He wasn't a fan of opening presents on his actual birthday, he hated the attention! I guess it was a good warm-up though, because it wasn't a problem at his party :)

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