January 8, 2016

Halloween Sewing: 2015

I had a lot of fun planning and sewing the kids' Halloween costumes this year. And I was able to incorporate my new found love of crochet into each of their costumes!
Lincoln's still of the age where we can choose his costume, however he loves Daniel Tiger so much that I'm pretty sure he would have chosen it on his own if he could. His costume was really easy to put together. He had the pants and shoes already, and I bought the plain red hoodie from American Apparel. Then I crocheted the hat and tail. I didn't have particular pattern for either, but combined a few for each element (the base of the hat, the ears, and the stripes), so I'm really happy that they turned out.

Dede settled on Rapunzel after looking through the pattern books at Joann's. At first she wanted to be Elsa again (but with a new dress ofcourse!), then Merida from Brave (I liked this idea, since I could use the Merida dress I'd made for her birthday party), but I enjoyed doing something new. I used Simplicity's Disney Rapunzel costume pattern. The yarn headband and braid instructions were also included with the pattern. This was an intense costume to sew, but I'm proud of it, and she loves it!

Mollie had known that she wanted to be an indian for a while. She liked the fact that I was also an indian for Halloween when I was 6! I heavily modified a really basic long sleeved dress pattern to create her dress. I modified a basic crocheted hat with ear flaps for her "wig", and made the braided tails super long. I think the hair really made the costume :) 

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