August 22, 2016

Curriculum Picks for our 2016-2017 School Year

I actually had all of our curriculum picks for this year chosen early in the Summer, so I've felt prepared for quite some time! This will be my first year to officially have two students, since Dede is starting Kindergarten, and Mollie is in 2nd. I'm very excited about what this year will bring!

The girls will be doing history/literature/geography/Bible/and science together using Sonlight: Core A. Sonlight is a literature based program, so we have a HUGE box of books ready to dig into. I think the girls will be excited to be doing a "real" science program with experiments this year :) It helps that all of the materials came with the curriculum, so there will be no running to the store to get things we don't have.

Mollie will be using Sonlight's 2nd grade reading and language arts curriculum, Teaching Textbooks 3 for math (a computer based math curriculum. Mollie's done all of the sample lessons available on the websites and loves it!), and Handwriting Without Tears 2 (I'm predicting she will want to rush through this so that she can move onto cursive!).

Dede will be using Saxon Math K, and a combo of Bob Books and Hooked on Phonics K once she has her letter sounds totally down. I'm planning on checking out new alphabet books from the library every week, and using the LeapFrog Letter Factory dvd to help her with this. Lincoln has a lot of interest in letters, so I can see him picking up some of what Dede is learning!

We'll be participating in our library's homeschool group again, where we'll continue to work through Road Trip USA. 

Both girls will be taking classes at our co-op. Mollie will be taking musical theatre/dance, scouting club, and Lego club, and Dede will be in Jazz (dance).

So many exciting things to look forward to!

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