June 21, 2010

Father's Day

It's hard to believe that we've already celebrated two mother's and father's days since Mollie was born! Here are some pictures from our second father's day.
Stu shared his sherbert with Mollie.
At first I thought she was holding a flower in this picture, but shes actually holding a rock, the flower is just in the background. She learned the word "flower" a week or so ago, and has been pointing out flowers everywhere: outside, on clothes, in books, and around the house. I hadn't realized how many of her clothes have flowers on them!
She likes to wave at our shadows..
I decided to do my baking Monday a day early so I could make a cheesecake for Father's day. This was the first cheesecake I've made, not counting the Jello boxed kind. Stu loves cheesecake though so I decided to try one. It turned out pretty good. I got the recipe here. Instead of a graham cracker crust, its made with Keebler's fudge stripe cookies.

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  1. I love the sunglasses and hat! She's such a little lady.