November 25, 2011

Fresh Snow

Does anyone notice that it usually snows on Thanksgiving (at least here in Alaska)? Maybe we'll make playing in the fresh snow on the day after Thanksgiving a tradition.   

 This next photo is an example of why you should learn to shoot in manual. In photography there are three settings that you control to make sure a picture is exposed properly: the aperture (how much of the photo in in focus), shutter speed (how fast the photo is taken), and the ISO.  A lot of times when I'm taking pictures outside, and Mollie is running around, I shoot in "aperture priority" mode, so that I choose the ISO and aperture, and the camera will choose the shutter speed that will make the photo exposed right. This makes it easier because I won't have to constantly be changing the shutter speed as she moves around. Well according to the camera, this photo is exposed properly:
 Like me, you're probably thinking it looks really underexposed (too dark). If you shoot in auto and let the camera choose all of the settings, that is the best picture you could get in that lighting. However, I switched the settings to manual and decreased the shutter speed to lighten up the picture. Technically, these next two photos are overexposed (according to the exposure meter in the camera), but they look much better to me:

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